flag Morocco Morocco: Introduction

Capital: Rabat


Total Population: 33,546,150
Natural Increase: 1.0%
Density: 83 Inhabitants/km²
Urban Population: 64.6%
Population of main cities: Casablanca (3,563,000); Fez (1,187,000); Tangier (1,087,000); Salé (996,000); Marrakech (971,000); Oujda (572,000); Meknes (571,000); Rabat (533,000); Agadir (498,000); Kenitra (495,000)
Ethnic Origins: According to the High Commission for Planning of the Kingdom of Morocco, 99.75% of the Moroccan population are Moroccan nationals, which means that only 0.25% are foreign nationals (mainly nationals of France, Senegal, Algeria, Syria, Spain, Ivory Coast, Libya, and Italy). A large majority of the population has Amazigh (Berber) and/or Arab origins, but other ethnicities are also present in Morocco.
Official Language: Arabic and Tamazight (Berber)
Other Languages Spoken: 60% of the population speaks Moroccan Arabic while 30% to 40% speak Tamazight (Berber). Moreover, it is important to note that French is the second language of Morocco and occupies a very important place in public life. Finally, Spanish is also spoken in the north of the country. English is moslty used by Moroccans who have studied abroad (mainly in the United States).
Business Language(s): French is used in a commercial context with Arabic for administration.
Religion: Islam is the state religion, practiced by almost the entire population, but freedom of religion exists. 90% of Moroccans are Sunnis by faith, of the Malikian rite.
The day is punctuated by five prayer calls. During the month of Ramadan, the Moroccans fast, do not drink and smoke from sunrise to sunset.
Literacy Rate: 52.3%

Local Time:

It is %T:%M %A In Rabat

Exchange Rate on :

National Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD)

Country Overview

Area: 446,550 km²
Type of State: Morocco is a constitutional monarchy Kingdom with an elected parliament.
Type of Economy: A country with intermediate income (lower bracket) and an emerging financial market.
It has the greatest reserves and is the leading exporter of phosphate in the world; tourism is a key sector.
HDI*: 0.628/1
HDI (World Rank): 126/188

Note: (*) The HDI, Human Development Index, is an Indicator Which Synthesizes Several Data Such as Life Expectancy, Level of Education, Professional Careers, Access to Culture etc.


Telephone Code:
To call from Morocco, dial 00
To call Morocco, dial +212 + 6 for mobile phones or 212 + 5 for fix phones.
Internet Suffix: .ma
Computers: 2.5 per 100 Inhabitants
Telephone Lines: 10.1 per 100 Inhabitants
Internet Users: 55.0 per 100 Inhabitants
Access to Electricity: 100% of the Population

Foreign Trade in Figures

Foreign Trade Indicators 20192020202120222023
Imports of Goods (million USD) 50,73443,83158,03471,80768,632
Exports of Goods (million USD) 29,13227,15935,84341,48141,642
Imports of Services (million USD) 9,6317,1408,57310,74612,014
Exports of Services (million USD) 19,35313,86715,41621,98126,621

Source: WTO – World Trade Organisation, Latest data available.


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